All registered members have the ability to set a set amount of home, depending on their rank. Using the home system, allows members to quickly teleported to preset locations.


The following functionality is provided by the home system.

Setting homes

Members can set homes using the /home set <homename> command. Note that this will override any home that already exists with the same name.

Going home

One can go home by issuing the /home <homename> command. If you are unsure about which homes you have set, you can use /home.


In a future update, beds will also be able to be teleported to using the /home command. Your last saved bed location will be reachable by doing /home bed. This home does not count towards your home limit, and the name bed cannot be used to set a new home.

Removing homes

If you don't feel particularly welcomed at a certain home location, you can remove it by doing /deletehome <homename> (or /delhome <homename> for short). This cannot be undone. You can also remove your bed-home, this will reset your respawn location to the spawn.

Important considerations

  • It is not allowed to set a home at someone elses base without their explicit permission. They may be very friendly and welcoming to allow you to do so, but it's a matter of respect to ask first.

Home limits per rank

Rank Permitted homes
Guest none
Member 5
MemberPlus 10
MemberPro 15
Supporter 20
Premier 25
Elite 30
Ultimate Unlimited