Build World

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Command /build

The Build World enables our members to build anything they want in a suitable environment using Creative Mode. All members are entitled to a set amount of plots, which they can claim.


Members can claim up to five plots, which increases to ten and fifteen when upgraded to the free MemberPlus and MemberPro ranks, respectively. Up to 4 plots that share a border can be merged by an Admin on request. Plots are sized 50x50 blocks, with ground level located at y=60. The top layer consists of grass blocks with dirt under it.



Users can claim an automatically assigned plot by executing the /plot auto command. Users can claim the unclaimed plot they've currently in by executing the /plot claim command.

Teleporting to own plot

Plot owners can teleport to their own plot using /plot home. Optionally, users can append a number to make /plot home 2 if they own multiple plots.

Clearing and Unclaiming

Important notice: These actions cannot be undone. Use with caution!

Plot owners can clear their plot but keep ownership, in case they want to reuse the plot for another purpose using /plot clear. Plot can also fully delete the plot, effectively clearing it and removing ownership by executing /plot delete.

The build world is also used occasionally to host building competitions. Contestants will be given a brief on what is to be expected and the criteria.