A city or settlement is an urban area that is a relatively densely populated and settled place. There are usually houses, some offer more facilities like shops, and there's usually a scale of jobs that are tasked with non-agricultural work. Most states within the Continental Union have at least one city. A city can have specific roles as well, including being a capital of a state (or union). All cities offer at least one transport method of getting to and from the settlement.

Cities within the Continental Union

  • Durness - Main city, with all main facilities
  • Campole - Smaller, Mediterranean inspired town
  • Ashbourne - Relatively modern city, based on some Scandinavian capitals
  • Luton - City with industrial boom in the 60s
  • Abu Ma Buhm - Desert billionaire metropole
  • Leicester - Financial capital
  • Alston - Small historic town with canals
  • Holbeck - Historic village
  • Westhaven - Small fishing village on the coast
  • Hawes - Small village
  • Aylesbury - Town
  • Woking - Town
  • Peebles - Town
  • Hutton-le-Hole - Town
  • Southport - Town and ferry port