Chat Issues

One of the main pillars of Frenily is the free ability to chat with other people. Some players may encounter issues with the chat. Some solutions to this can be found below.

"Cannot send chat message"

If you see this message when attempting to chat, it's most likely due to your chat settings.

  1. Go to your game menu by pressing escape.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Go to Chat Settings.
  4. Set Chat: to Shown.

"Chat messages cannot be verified [...]"

This message is actually a good sign. Starting in Minecraft version 1.19.1, Microsoft added a reporting function that allows people to report other players to Microsoft. While initially not a bad idea for Realms users, at Frenily we pride our moderation team. Because of the strong community, our moderation team is much better suited to make complicated judgements against complaints from other users. Not only have we got access to more logs than the few messages that would be sent to Microsoft, we have access to more variables, including if there are young people online and the context in which something is said. Finally, Microsoft is an American company. We appreciate there are cultural differences between populations from different sides of the world. We do not believe that Microsoft can take these cultural difference into context nor put in the time to study these differences. This does not mean we will accept anything from any culture, but it does allow us to give people a fair warning about something that may be acceptable to them, but is not within the cultural values of Frenily.

Finally, we pride ourselves on a strong community, that is able to talk about deep subjects in chat, when this is appropriate. People are always able to see who else is online before engaging in a conversation like this, and aside for moderation purposes, these conversations will only ever be seen by those that are online. Chat messages are not sent to a Discord server where they can be retroactively read by anyone. We do this to protect our community and every individual in it. By taking this measure to block player reports, we can make better guarantees to state "What happens on Frenily, stays on Frenily."