Continental Union

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Type Federal Governmental Organisation
Area 40004 hm2
Capital Durness, Nottingswell
Member States 8

The Continental Union is the only sovereign state in the Survival World. All land in this world belongs to the Continental Union. The CU currently consists of 8 member states, and a further one in an accession procedure. The 8 member states have different levels of autonomy.


Treaty of Ashbourne

The Continental Union was formed in 1993 as it was established in the treaty of Ashbourne. The individual sovereign states of Nottingswell, Stonebury and broken were the founding members. Along with the state of broken, these were the only claimed territories in the world. The main goal of the formation of the CU was to increase international productivity by removing artificial barriers defined by laws. However, as Sherbourg was asked to join, they raised concerns about their sovereign status, as well as the level of autonomy that could be held within the union. The design of the union was therefore heavily influenced by these concerns, in the fact that any member state can choose to a certain extent what they want to adapt. Universally defined federal laws and a constitution exist, which include this structure, as well as other legislation.

Treaty of Alston

In 1994, broken fulfilled the accession procedure and was the fourth member of the Continental Union. It decided however, that it's courts would remain in its capital Alston, with the exception of the federal high court, which is located in Durness. As all claimed territories were now part of the union, talks started about abolishing internal borders. This would massively improve interstate trade. Subsequently, on the 26th of March, 1995, the Alston Treaty came into effect.

Later expansions

1999 marked the year of expansion for the Continental Union. new member states broken, broken and broken were formed and subsequently joined the union. Kingsland decided not to adapt the Alston Treaty as it has a firmer stance on immigration.

The next and latest expansion took place in 2010, when broken declared their land claim and formally joined the union.

Current Members

Federal Laws and Constitution

The Continental Union's Constitution includes how land claims can be made, how member states can formally (including retroactively) adapt or reject (parts of) legislation, and how the parliament operates.

Federal Laws include that all inhabitants, whether visiting or settled, must adhere to the server rules.