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Capital Durness
Denonym(s) Nottingswellian, Notter
Area 1694 hm2

Nottingswell is the most populous state within the Survival World. Durness is its capital, with other notable cities being Campole, Holbeck and Hawes.


Nottingswell has been an independent state since the early middle ages. It is thought that the name is derived from the relatively dry soil and the difficulty in finding water. Around Campole, a lot of empty wells can be found, leading to the name Nothings Well, that over time became Nottingswell. Durness was not always its capital, before 1849 Campole had this role. As Durness became more important as a trading hub, it was thought that international trading would be further increased if other countries traded with the state's capital. As Nottingswell became part of the Continental Union (previously known as the United World Union), trading became less relevant for Durness and as the Continental Union was seeking a capital, Durness' modern city and infrastructure made it the preferable choice.


The state shares the most borders with other states: to the southwest it borders broken, To the southeast is broken. To the east broken. On the northeast it shares a border with broken and finally to the north is Stonebury. West of Nottingswell is currently unclaimed territory.


The largest amount of movements happens through the Blue Highway. Durness and Campole also have airports. Durness and Holbeck have ferry ports.