Chat Commands

The in-game chat on Frenily is one of the main pillars of the community. Open chats with other players about the most various subjects are encouraged, obviously within the ranges of the Frenily cultural values. In some cases, however, you may be asked to continue your conversation in DM. This may be that there's two or more different conversations going on at the same time, or that your subject may be inappropriate for another member that is online.

Using Direct Messages

To send a direct, private, message to another player, use this command: /msg <username> <message>. From this moment onwards, you can use /reply <message> (or /r <message> for short) to reply to your last received message.

Messaging an Offline Player

The above method only works when the receiving party is also online. If they are not, you can use the /mail <username> <message> command. You can read your mail using /mail.

Chat Groups

Some players may have access to the EliteChat. This can be accessed by /ec <message>. Your message will be visible to everybody who also has access to the EliteChat as well as staff.

Important considerations

  • Members of Frenily combined have a lot of experiences. While many will be positive, some may be negative as well. The Frenily community will not judge anybody for previous experiences. If anybody wants to get something off their chest in a securely moderated environment, Frenily is usually a place where this would be welcomed.
  • Before engaging in a deep subject, consider if you know everybody that is online and if the subject is appropriate for all ages online. If you're unsure, ask a member of staff in a private message first.
  • Chat related offenses are heavily frowned upon. Being genuinely unfriendly in a way that disrupts the Frenily cultural values will usually result in moderation.
  • Keep in mind that the /r command will send the message to the person you last received a message from. If you're messaging multiple people at the same time, this may cause messages to be delivered to someone other than intended. If you are sharing private details, it is encouraged to use the full /msg command.