Marriage is a big commitment between two players. Not only does marriage symbolise a bond between two players, it also gives some benefits.


To get married, you need a partner who also wants to get married. If you want a ceremony, you will need to arrange one.

Getting married

Use /marry username to propose. They will have to accept by doing /marry accept. Once they do, you're officially a married couple!


Married couples enjoy the following benefits:

  • Each partner can easily teleport to the other without needing to request, using /marry tp
  • Partners can have an additional home location, by doing /marry home. The shared home can be set in the UI which can be opened using /marry.
  • Married couples have a shared bank account.

Unfortunate endings

If either partner of a married couple does not want to remain married, they can get divorced. This can be done by clicking the divorce button in the marriage UI (opened with /marry). The divorce is instantly processed. Any money on the shared account will be equally divided. Your partner will receive an email informing them about your initiated divorce.

Important considerations

  • While marriage is technically intended for loving couples, we do not restrict it to this. If you want to get married to a friend, go ahead!
  • In the Frenily culture, you can only be married to one person at the same time.
  • Frenily is a place for everyone. Nobody will judge LGBT+ couples, unless they want a quicker way to permanently leave the server.