Green Highway

Green Highway
Length 564 dam
Starts Southport
Terminates Aylesbury
Type Highway

The Green Highway is a highway running from Southport through Ashbourne to Aylesbury on the island of ISLAND NAME. It intersects the Red Highway at Ashbourne, granting it connections towards Luton and further. The highway has a relatively high profile and is completely uninterrupted. It's high frequency of exits, particularly between Ashbourne and Aylesbury allows for many opportunities for people to settle close to a highway exit.

Route Profile

Exit Serves
- Southport end (Blue Highway)
1 -
3 -
4 -
6 -
Red Hwy Ashbourne, Luton
8 -
9 -
11 -
13 -
15 -
17 -
19 -
21 -
- Aylesbury end

Future developments

The Green Highway has no current plans for future developments. On it's south end there is little room given the sea preventing expansion. Every now and then proposals for a bridge towards Durness make it's way to the media, but a lack of funding and heavy objections from the ferry operator Stone Line have halted any serious plans.

The northwest end of the Green Highway too has no plans for further expansions, mostly for a lack of demand and a lack of clear visions of any proposed routes. At the Aylesbury end the current bend towards the south has been built with a further expansion in mind, hence the viaduct over an empty field.