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A shop is a place where one can usually buy and/or sometimes sell items. Currently, shops are only provided by the server, although there is a system in development that allows members to make shops as well.


One can right click the shopkeeper to open the shop's interface. The interface shows what products the shopkeeper sells. Mind that there may be multiple pages, even if the pages aren't full. One can switch between pages using the buttons in the bottom right and left to move to the next or previous page, respectively. Hovering over the product reveals the price of the item and how many units are sold in a single transaction.

Shop Types

There are currently three types of shops:

  • Regular Shops
  • Discount Shops
  • Convenience Shops

Regular Shop

Regular shops are as simple as their type indication makes them seem. You buy a product for a set price. If a shop allows you to sell your products back to them they give you a flat rate for the product.

Discount Shop

Discount stores have a wide variety of products they sell, often with good discounts. As a rule of thumb, one can get up to 30% off the price one would pay at a regular shop. Because of how successful these deals are, they usually have limited stock and therefore the products on sale vary from day to day.

Convenience Shop

A convenience shop is a shop that is usually located in smaller settlements. Due to a lower volume, the price of items may be higher than regular shops, although they may still sell certain products at reduced rates. Convenience stores usually have a wide variety of items, but less choice between brands or levels of products.

Shop Locations

While shops can be located anywhere, they're usually located in towns and settlements. Larger cities may have shopping malls, like the Craft Plaza.