Craft Royale

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Type Business
Industry Games & Luxury Lounges

The Craft Royale is a brand of arcades that operates in the Continental Union. It hosts an array of games that can be played for a flat fee, with winning games being rewarded with flat rates as well.

Durness Craft Royale

The Craft Royale in Durness has a very prominent location right across from the Frenily HQ. It's built on one of the most valuable plots in the city, and with good reason: the Craft Royale is one of the most popular destinations within Durness, and frequently a reason to visit the city.

The arcade has 49 slot machines, 3 blackjack tables and 2 roulette tables. It also has a bar and a rooftop swimming pool.

Ashbourne Craft Royale

Ashbourne's Craft Royale is located on streetname in the north end of the city centre. It's modern interior brings a pleasant atmosphere to be in.

Future developments

Another Craft Royale location is planned in the city of Abu Ma Buhm and Alston. Craft Royale is striving to build at least one location in every state, usually in the capital.