Survival World

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Command /survival
Size 20000x20000
Capital Durness
States 8

The Survival-world is currently the main world in the Frenily server. It is home to the spawn and contains a handful of cities build by server staff. A planned future development is the ability for members to create cities and towns as well, while receiving the same amounts of protection and receiving additional functionality, like tax collection.


The Survival world currently consists of 8 states.

State Capital Other notable cities Area
Nottingswell Durness Campole 1780 hm2
Stonebury Ashbourne Aylesbury 1730 hm2
broken Leicester Luton 1039 hm2
broken Abu Ma Buhm - 599 hm2
broken Little York - 1548 hm2
broken Alston Westhaven 3149 hm2
broken Pocklington - 1872 hm2
broken Naarm - 2749 hm2


Currently there are 15 cities built, in development or planned. The main city and capital is Durness.

  • Durness - Main city, with all main facilities
  • Campole - Smaller, Mediterranean inspired town
  • Ashbourne - Relatively modern city, based on some Scandinavian capitals
  • Luton - City with industrial boom in the 60s
  • Abu Ma Buhm - Desert billionaire metropole
  • Leicester - Financial capital
  • Alston - Small historic town with canals
  • Holbeck - Historic village
  • Westhaven - Small fishing village on the coast
  • Hawes - Small village
  • Aylesbury - Town
  • Woking - Town
  • Peebles - Town
  • Hutton-le-Hole - Town
  • Southport - Town and ferry port


Connecting above cities are various transport networks, with the highways system being the main and simplest.

  • Blue Highway - Stretching from Alston through Holbeck, Durness, Campole to Hawes
  • Green Highway - Starting at the Southport Ferry Terminal with connections to Durness, it runs to Aylesbury via Ashbourne.
  • Red Highway - Runs from Ashbourne through Luton and Leicester to Peebles
  • Yellow Highway - Starts at an interchange with the Red Highway east of Luton and runs through Woking, Ballaeter, Abu Ma Buhm to Hutton-le-Hole