State Nottingswell
Area 100 dam2
City Roles
Capital Continental Union, Nottingswell

Durness is the main city and capital of the Continental Union as well as Nottingswell. It provides most facilities like shops, an airport, a ferry terminal and a big discount store. As it's the capital, other facilities like a court and parliament can also be found here.


Durness is a relatively modern city, mostly due to continuous developments keeping it up-to-date with the most modern building styles. It's location along the ocean makes it a good city for trading, hence the location of the biggest discount store. As time progressed, Durness was able to move away from physical trading and industries to become more of a service market, with lots of office buildings. Durness became the capital of Nottingswell in 1849, taking over from Campole. As the Continental Union was founded in 1993, all initial member states voted for Durness to take the role of Union Capital. The city was therefore the prime location for courts on all levels, as well as the parliament. This in turn makes Durness lucrative to settle as headquarters for companies.



Durness is located along the Blue highway. The highway becomes substandard while it's situated as the Durness Ring Road as it has no emergency lane. The Blue highway grants easy access to Campole, Hawes and Holbeck, where a ferry can be taken to resume on it towards Westhaven and Alston.

The green highway does not physically reach Durness, though it is signposted from the ring as a single ferry crossing provides direct access to it in Southport.


The Durness Airport is the largest airport in the Continental Union, with the potential for many links. Currently it serves flights to Campole and Ashbourne. The airport has a fast track security line for those entitled to it.


The ferry terminal in Durness has a direct link to Southport, Stonebury, where it connects to the Green highway. Plans are being made to grant another service straight to Luton or Ashbourne, but no decisions have been made yet.

Other facilities

Craft Royale

Durness has a Craft Royale, where people can play daily games. It is located centrally.

Craft Plaza

The Craft Plaza is a modern mall with a highly competitive assortment.

Discount Stores

The Durness Discount Stores Inc. provides certain products at highly competitive prices, though availability varies.