Craft Plaza

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Type Business
Industry Mass Retail
Shops 13

The Craft Plaza is a brand of Shopping Malls. There currently is one Craft Plaza, located in Durness, although more are planned, including in Ashbourne, Leicester and Abu Ma Buhm.

Durness Craft Plaza

The Craft Plaza in Durness is still attracting more shops to settle. It currently houses 13 shops like:

  • Bob the Constructor's Tool Shop
  • Weapon AI
  • Armour AI
  • Sherlock's Nature Supplies
  • Woody's Wood
  • Farmer Jo
  • Plantman Dan
  • Rockman
  • Talia's Wool
  • Servitor X42
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Terri's Terracotta
  • Carl's Concretes