Server Rules

To keep our community safe and friendly we have some simple rules that everyone has to follow. Most of these rules should be very straightforward and self-explanatory.

Be nice and respectful to other players

As you can probably tell, we really value our community. This means that we will not tolerate any swearing and disrespect to other players and members of staff. A zero tolerance policy is held up for insulting others by calling them out on their racial origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or country of residence.  

No trespassing

Do not go into or onto other people's buildings, bases and/or towns unless invited by the rightful owner.  

No griefing

Do not break other people's things, take their crops or modify their base and/or structures in any way without permission from the owner.  

No stealing

Pretty straightforward: keep your hands to yourself. Don't take other people's items. This includes but is not limited to going through people's chests, shearing other's sheep, taking another's crops and taking someone's stuff if they die.  

No advertising

This includes but is not limited to advertising other servers or services without permission. Recruiting people to join a Discord server that is not Frenily's will also be understood as advertising.  

Don't swear

Frenily has no age restriction, we have some very young members. If we all keep the language appropriate, we keep the server a fun and welcoming place for everybody.  

Don't spam in chat

This includes but is not limited to repeating (parts of) sentences, pointless random letters and/or numbers in a short amount of time, but also posting full (or greater parts of) sentences in capital letters. Sharing links to inappropriate websites and/or other sources will be considered as spam as well.  

Don't argue with staff

We believe we have a decent team of moderators. Whilst they may not always be 100% right, arguing with them will only weaken your point. You can discuss the matter at a later time with someone of a higher rank.  

No cheating and no client mods

The use of client mods and/or bugs and glitches that give you an unfair advantage are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to functionalities that allow you to fly or see through blocks (also known as x-ray mods). These will result in a permanent ban. Mods that display a minimap (bookmarking locations is also allowed) as well as optimisation mods like Optifine are permitted. When in doubt, ask a member of staff!  

Don't cause lag

Fortunately we have a very powerful server. Despite this we really hate wasting our precious resources when it can be avoided. Therefore, we prohibit the use of redstone machines that are designed explicitly to cause server lag. The use of redstone clocks is only permitted when it can be switched off (and will be switched off when not near it)  

No darkroom spawners

Creating a spawner by effectively creating a large dark area is prohibited. Not only are they extremely ugly, they also waste resources if they get uncontrollably big. Modifying a dungeon in such a way while using a spawner block is permitted.  

No traps

Player traps will be removed when found. Trapping villagers is also not permitted. This includes but is not limited to trapping villagers in their own buildings or in your bases.  

No begging

Begging is very annoying and can in some cases be considered as spam. Some members may be very nice and willing to help you out, but you also have to respect players that do not wish to give out free stuff.  

Skins with nudity and/or other offensive material are prohibited

Pretty self-explanatory. As stated above, we run a server that includes all age groups. It's just not appropriate.  

No unauthorized recording

To protect the privacy of our members and staff, it's prohibited to record without permission from a member of staff. Streaming is allowed, however you'll have to enable streamer mode using the /streamermode command. This lets users know you are currently streaming and allows players to hide their chat messages from your stream if they do not wish to be included.  

Chop all logs from a tree

To have a world full of floating trees is very ugly. Please take all of your resources and fully chop a tree.


Don't make a mess

We like to keep the survival world a clean and tidy place. Floating structures are therefore not permitted. If you find a generated piece of land that is floating, that you wish to build on, please ensure it's connected to the ground first.  

English please

To make sure all members of the community understand each other, we speak English in chat. If you want to speak to another member in another language you can PM them using the /msg command.  

Land claims are only valid with a sign

If you want to claim a piece of land, do so by placing a sign that includes your username and today's date. If it's not directly obvious, explain the bounds of your claim as well. Do note that land claims will be invalidated if they're not built on within reasonable time. Disputes will be dealt with at admin's discretion.  
Some blocks like chests, hoppers and dispensers are automatically locked so only you can open them. It is possible to unlock them or to add your friends to them. This means that if something gets stolen from your chest it is likely because you removed the protection. For that reason reimbursement for stolen items may vary depending on the situation.  

You are responsible for your account

We cannot investigate who's behind your account. Therefore, we will not accept statements blaming someone else (e.g. a family member) when our logs are evident your account was linked to an incident.


Stick to the Road Traffic Act

If you make use of any vehicle or use the road network, you need to stick to the traffic laws.