Ashbourne is a city and capital on the nothern island of Stonebury. It's a relatively modern city inspired by the Scandinavian capitals. There is not a lot of high rise, with most buildings topping at 5 or 6 storeys. Ashbourne's capital status means it has a small court and state parliament.


Ashbourne as a settlement cannot be traced back too far, it was only recently that the town started to expand towards becoming a city. The essential facilities for becoming a capital were being built by the time a new capital for the state needed to be found.



Ashbourne is located right next to the interchange between the Green and Red highway. It therefore has good connections to Southport, which is a short ferry trip away from Durness. Aylesbury is also not far. The Red highway will take it to the ferry port with a direct link to Luton in broken.


Ashbourne has a medium sized regional airport, with 7 gates. It is currently connected to Durness and Campole, with the local county being relatively close to an agreement to expand the airports' air rights.


A stones throw away down the Red highway the Ashbourne Ferry Port is located. Though not significantly important for freight only travel, it is the missing link in the Red highway towards Luton. Petitions to build a bridge, effectively making the ferry service redundant, are being signed, though the regional budget is still lacking. The federal government in Durness has not been keen on helping fund the plan, wanting to stick more funds into expanding the Blue highway further down at Hawes into broken. The local state governments of Stonebury and broken have also not been able to fund the bridge on their own.