The Frenily Vision

The Frenily Vision is a set of values which we uphold as our standard practice. This vision is what we keep in mind when we make decisions, however impactful or significant it may be. Our rules are based around this vision as well, hence why we ask from all our members to keep this vision in mind when accessing our services.

Frenily stands for the following:

Inclusivity and equality

We aim to create a friendly environment for people of all ages and backgrounds. In the current day and age it should go without saying that any decent and respectable organisation, including Frenily, will include and treat everybody equal, no matter the gender, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs or geographical origins. Frenily is an environment where any genuine people with good intentions will find a warm and inviting place to join with friends or make new friends through it.


Frenily and its staff will initially respect everybody equally but do keep in mind that respect is volatile. The level of respect you get is a direct reflection of the level of respect you give to the server, its staff and its members.

Innovation and being itself

We believe in making a difference. This goes further than creating a friendly and inviting place for all, we like to focus on things that we believe we can do better at than other servers. Less than 40% of the plugins we use are made by third party developers; we make most of them ourselves. We like to think of ways to create a fun server with lots of things to do, without only offering a survival mode and minigames. And whilst a lot of our ideas are still in development, we hope you're all ready for when the moment comes.

Innovation is, however, more than just creating new things and developing our own stuff. Innovation is also the ability to accept mistakes and be our own largest critic. Not everything will be perfect from the start and therefore being able to adapt and trying new things are vital to the success of Frenily.


...and trust goes both ways! Trust is an important factor in creating a friendly and welcoming community. We frequently have deep and personal conversations going on in the chat -something that we actively encourage and believe is part of said friendly community- and we want to believe nobody will abuse the openness of our members and what is being said in the chats.

In return, we hope our members can trust us to do everything in our power to make the server a pleasant environment for all.

Professionalism and no compromises

We have a very capable and competent team that is fit for dealing with almost all circumstances. And we're not willing to compromise the staff's competence or the ability to be able to follow this vision under all circumstances. So, should our staff for whatever reason fall short of this, we'll make sure it becomes competent again at the shortest possible time frame.

Allowing members to grow

The Frenily team loves seeing our members make efforts to become better people. Whether it's about making efforts to be more open to other people's opinions, or developing new skills, we'll do everything in our power to support these members.


Lastly and certainly not unimportant. Frenily is a place where you can have fun. Whether you just like talking to people or expressing your creativity, it is a place for everyone to have fun in their own way.