Red Highway

Red Highway
Length 395 dam
Starts Ashbourne
Terminates Peebles
Type Highway

The Red Highway is a partially opened highway, with the rest still being developed. It runs from Ashbourne where it connects to the Green Highway providing connections towards Durness and Aylesbury through Luton and Leicester to Peebles. East of Luton it connects to the Yellow Highway, providing connections to Woking, Ballaeter and Abu Ma Buhm.

Route Profile

Exit Serves
Green Hwy Durness, Ashbourne
1 Ashbourne West
2 Ashbourne East & Airport
3 -
- Ashbourne Ferry Terminal
- Luton Ferry Terminal
8 Luton Centre, Port
10 Luton Suburb 1 (Westbound carriageway only)
12 Luton Suburb 2 (Westbound carriageway only)
Yellow Hwy Woking, Ballaeter, Abu Ma Buhm
18 A30, Leicester, (Abu Ma Buhm)

Future developments

The Red Highway is still in development. Notably, there's no highway exits yet east of the Red x Yellow Interchange.

North of Peebles the route is still uncertain as there are plans to reach ISLAND NAME. Funding is lacking however.