Chest and Door Locking

All chests are locked by default on placement. These are all set to private, and the item owner has the ability to modify access using commands. By default, locked chests are not able to interact with hoppers as it would make it easy for people with malicious intents to extract items from, or add low value items to other people's chests. For doors, it is also possible to restrict redstone usage to interact with doors.

Locking and Unlocking

All items listed below in lockable items can be locked. Some may lock automatically on placement, some do not. As a rule of thumb all items with storage, like a chest and furnace, are locked automatically. Items without storage, like doors can be locked, but must be locked manually. All these lockable items will be referred to as objects in this article.

  • To lock an object, with initially only you able to access the object, use /lock. The instructions will prompt you to punch the object you wish to lock.
  • To unlock an object, allowing access to anyone, use /unlock. You'll be instructed to punch the object to be unlocked. Note: this will allow not only anybody to access the object, but also for anybody to claim this object using /lock!


Flags are extra attributes that control how certain environments can interact with the protected objects.


By default, hoppers cannot retrieve or add items into protected objects. This can be changed by using the following commands:

  • /lwc flag hopperin on - This allows hoppers to add items to protected objects but not remove them.
  • /lwc flag hopperout on - This allows hoppers to retrieve items from protected objects, but not insert them.
  • /lwc flag hopper on or /chopper on - This allows hoppers to fully interact with protected objects as if they were not protected.


All protected objects interact with redstone like normal. Therefore, redstone must be disabled to protect your objects from interaction with it. Confusingly, you need to enable the flag to disable redstone.

  • /credstone on - This will disable redstone interaction with your object.
  • /credstone off - This will enable redstone interaction.

Note that even with redstone disabled (/credstone on), pressure plates will still work for those who are allowed to interact with a door, as long as they're placed directly next to the door. Buttons however will no longer work.

Allowing your friends access

You can add other players to your access list by using the /comodify command. These access lists are per object - adding someone to multiple objects requires them to be added to every object specifically. You can also add someone as protection admin, this will allow them to add other players as well.

  • /cmodify MrPlantPlant - This adds player MrPlantPlant to access your object. MrPlantPlant will be able to interact with the object (i.e. opening a door, or open a chest), as well as add and retrieve items from a chest (if applicable).
  • /cmodify -MrPlantPlant - Note the minus symbol before the username. This removes MrPlantPlant from the access list for this object.
  • /cmodify @MrPlantPlant - This adds MrPlantPlant as a protection admin to this object. MrPlantPlant will be able to grant other players access to this object. Protection admins are removed in the same manner as described above.

Various Protection Types

All modes shown so far are to make objects for private use only, completely locking anybody else out of the protection. Here, some other modes are explained:

Public Protections

As noted above, one risk with unlocking an object completely is that someone else can lock it, effectively locking you out. To prevent this from happening on objects you'd like to keep public, use /cpublic. Anybody can use this protection, but only you can unlock it (or set flags for it).

Display Protections

This protection is applicable for chests and other objects with storage only. This allows anybody to view the contents of your chest or storage object, but not add or remove any items from the chest. Use /cdisplay to use this protection.

Donation Protections

This protection is applicable for chests and other objects with storage only. It allows anybody to view and add items to your chest or storage object, but not remove anything from it. Use /cdonation to use this protection.

Password Protections

You can also lock any object using a password. With this type of protection, you no longer need to add other players to the protection, as it requires a password for access. It will only ask for a password the first time accessing it after logging in. Use /cpassword password123 to use this protection.

Important Note: Do not, under any circumstance use any password you use for anything else for object protections! Staff are able to see the passwords you use for object protections. (Nobody can see the password you use for registering on our website, obviously.)

Other useful commands

If you need to add the same person to many objects, or set flags for multiple objects, you may find the process or repeating the command constantly tedious. with /cpersist, followed by the command you want to persist, like /credstone on, and this flag will be applied to any object you punch, until you do /cpersist again. This works for any other command shown above.

Important considerations

  • You control who you grant access to your objects. You may not be entitled to refunds if you granted someone access to your protection. This will be handled at an admin's discretion, who will try to establish if a theft was done with a malicious intent or not.
  • Staff will obviously help you out if someone has maliciously impaired you. However, it's easier and less time-consuming to prevent this from happening in the first place.
  • Use the flags to your advantage. If a chest is only going to receive items from a hopper, set the appropriate flags to prevent any malice.

Lockable items

Item Locked by default?
Chest Yes
Furnace Yes
Blast Furnace Yes
Smoker Yes
Dispenser Yes
Dropper Yes
Barrel Yes
Composter Yes
Lectern Yes
Anvil Yes
Enchanting Table Yes
Shulker Box Yes
Hopper No
Sign No
Doors (incl. Iron) No
Trapdoors No
Fence Gates No
Banners No