Money Management

The economy of Frenily is based around the virtual dong currency. Upon joining for the first time, every player will automatically get a bank account with 5000 dong deposited. Dong can be used for trading and increasingly other purposes.

Managing your money

In the Frenily scoreboard on the right side of your window, you can see a summary of your balance. This may be bignumbered if you're rich! To see an accurate list of your balance, use /balance or /bal for short. To send money to another player, use this: /senddong <receiver username> <amount>. Alternatively, you could use /sendmoney with the same layout.

Important Considerations

  • While we realise that the Dong is also the official currency for Vietnam, all references made to dong on the server and any Frenily website are all to the virtual in-game currency, unless stated otherwise.