Frenily has run multiple worlds since the start of the third era. Since the start, there have always been at least two worlds, of which one ran survival-mode and at least one ran creative-mode. In the fourth era there are just two worlds, for various reasons.

Current era

In the current fourth era, there are two worlds available to the general public. One Survival World and one Build World. In past eras there have been times where 5 worlds were running simultaneously, but for purposes of mainly simplification and server performance, a more toned down approach was chosen. Guests spawn in the survival world, giving them a chance to explore the spawn city, currently Durness. Guests cannot leave the city limits; they have to register to become a member to roam without restrictions. At this point they will also gain access to the creative Build World.

Survival world

See main article about the Survival World. In the Survival-world, all members are able to roam freely to explore the server cities, roads and highways and obviously build their own settlement.

Build world

See main article about the Build World. The Build-world allows members to claim a plot and freely build and let their inspirations form shapes or to experiment with certain structures, redstone circuits or other things without it affecting their material stock in the Survival-world.

Future Developments

Minigame update

In the planned Minigame-update, in which a couple smaller gamemodes will become available, it is likely that these will take place in a third world. The reason behind this is so it's easier to segregate the gameplay mechanics, whilst also not having to reserve a large area in another world.


The third era has seen the most amount of worlds, a lot of which were run similaneously. The first and second eras only had a survival world.

Spawn World

This is where new guests would spawn in, with the ability to explore the world. This spawn world could also be seen as a showcase in which the nicest looking buildings would be put. In addition, several essential server features would be found in this world, like shops. It was also possible for Members to buy regions in this world, allowing them to build in this protected world and being able to set up a base near other amenities.

Minigames worlds

There have been a number of minigames that could be played, each of which in a separate world:

  • PvP - a stadium setting where players could battle each other.
  • PvE - an arena where players could team up to battle hostile mobs.
  • Spleef - a large area of snow-covered lava. Aim would be to remove the snow block under the player's opponent to have them drop into the lava.

Survival Games

A large Survival Games or Hunger Games style post-apocalyptic themed area was built for players to battle in a last-man-standing game mode. Chests giving players limited supplies would be spread around the world. Whilst this world had the ability for vastly large games with 32 or more players, in the most frequent use there were less than 8 players. It was therefore too big to accomodate for these low player numbers.

Biosphere World

In a trial to sport more unique features, a biosphere-world was introduced. This world, consisting of no solid bedrock, floating spheres with a diameter of 50 blocks which were connected by bridges was never a resounding success. Whilst it never really was given the attention that went into other worlds, the benefits of owning a biosphere were limited compared to just setting up a base in the survival-world.